2020 Icovia

2020 Icovia
2020 Icovia is an easy to use, web-based , 2D space planning application that anyone can use. If you’re a homeowner or a Designer, use 2020 Icovia to plan out your next renovation or design a new room from scratch, all for a low monthly subscription fee.

If you’re a business, use 2020 Icovia Business Edition as an extension of your current website to offer room planning to your clients. If you deal with real estate or property management, 2020 Icovia Real Estate edition allows prospective buyers to interact with floor plans launched from your online properties!

2020 Icovia For Retailers and Manufacturers

2D Space Planner

Give your customers the confidence they need in their buying decisions. Using 2020 Icovia’s simple drag and drop interface, customers can quickly create a room outline planning their space to prove the fit and remove those concerns, then when they save, print or share they register and become identified prospects for your team to contact.

2020 Icovia
2020 Icovia

Set yourself apart from the competition

Use the 2020 Icovia online interactive space planner with easy drag-and-drop features to quickly plan and design your spaces. Simple intuitive icons help you see how products fit in your space. When users save, print or share, they register and become identified prospects for your sales team to contact.

Let potential buyers engage with your products

The 2020 Icovia Business Edition online room planner is launched by more than 10,000 consumers daily. Privately labeled and launched directly from your website, you add your own catalog for home furnishings, gym/fitness, game room or outdoor furnishings.

2020 Icovia
2020 Icovia

Branded 2020 Icovia Tablet App

Extend your 2020 Icovia Business Edition 2D room planner with your own 2020 Icovia Tablet Edition App for iPad available from you on the Apple App Store. Customers want confidence that the furniture they wish to buy will fit in their home and the 2020 Icovia Tablet Edition allows your sales associates to quickly prove the fit and remove the concern for the customer. The 2020 Icovia Tablet Edition is fully integrated with your existing 2020 Icovia Business Edition 2D room planner. Customer designs created at home can be captured and used to complete the sale on the sales floor.

Convert Web Traffic and Increase Order Size

Adding 2020 Icovia to your website reduces no-fits and returns, helps increase average order size and helps educate customers about your products before they visit your store. Customers who have use 2020 Icovia 2D space planner spend up to 16x more furniture purchases!

2020 Icovia
2020 Icovia

Easy & Affordable Solution

The 2020 Icovia Business Edition is affordable, requires no software to download or install, and includes hosting and maintenance.
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2020 Icovia For Designers

Create Professional Floor Plans in Minutes

Create professional floor plans with the best online space planning tool for interior design and home renovation projects. Design a room or create an entire house plan. Subscription to the Design Edition is easy and at $19/month a great value. As an added advantage of the service you may cancel your account when the service is not needed by simply logging in and selecting cancel in the “My Account” area of the planner. When you need the planner again re-activate your account and your plans will still be there. Get started right away with our month-to-month subscription. There are no time consuming downloads and no training with this easy-to-use 2D space planning tool. Sign up today and start creating your professional plans in minutes.

2020 Icovia
2020 Icovia

No Software Downloads Required

With 2020 Icovia Design Edition you can get started in minutes—no time-consuming downloads and no training necessary! Make sure the furnishings will fit and the room flow will be perfect when you use this online space planner for your projects.

Easy to Use

Brainstorm concepts, share ideas and design professional floor presentations with 2020 Icovia Design Edition. This user-friendly online space planner allows you to select colors and plan multiple floors that you can email to colleagues, clients and vendors; save unlimited variations; and print colorful, details plans to scale.

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2020 Icovia

2020 Icovia for Real Estate, Property Managers and Builders

Build Buyer Confidence

2020 Icovia Real Estate Edition allows prospective buyers to interact with floor plans launched from your existing online property listings. Buyers browse detailed floor plans branded with your corporate identity and create customized layouts with furniture arrangements to confirm the space fits their needs.

2020 Icovia
2020 Icovia

Identify New Customers

Differentiate your company by providing this online space planning tool to your agents and prospective buyers. An integrated reporting tool gives you real-time access to user registration data and performance metrics. Identify top properties and help your sales team reach new buyers.

Engage Prospects and Create Excitement

The 2020 Icovia Real Estate Edition planner is launched directly from your online property listings and branded with your corporate identity. Easy to use with no software to install. Buyers browse detailed floor plans and can measure the space and arrange furniture to confirm the property fits their needs. Your agents are automatically alerted when users save, print or share.

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2020 Icovia

2020 Icovia For Home Owners

Icovia For Home Owners

Quickly create your home floor plan, online in minutes! Design a room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, home office or any room or create an entire house plan. The 2020 Icovia Design Edition Space Planner makes it easy for you to create plans and easily share designs with family and friends. Subscription to the Design Edition is easy and at $19/month a great value. Sign up today and start creating your room plans in minutes.

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2020 Icovia

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