2020 Fusion

The ability to produce compelling photo-realistic presentations is critical to helping your customers visualise their new spaces. 2020 Fusion combines a smart user interface, cutting-edge technology, and wide selection of manufacturers’ catalogs to provide you with the most popular CAD (computer-aided design) interior design software in the European market. The software’s diverse functionality and thoughtful design is derived from a close understanding of the kitchen and bathroom sectors and is backed up by exemplary training and customer support. Additionally, 2020 Fusion provides automated pricing and optimisation tools which allow you to produce instant quotes, orders and profit/loss summaries and many more reports.

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Catalog Content

An unparalleled selection of fully priced and accurately represented manufacturers’ content at your fingertips

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Easy to learn with a familiar user interface—allowing designers to get up to speed in record time

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Sales & Design

Valuable tools for complete project management—from first enquiry to final installation


User-Friendly Interface

The stylish 2020 Fusion user interface makes it easy to learn and get access to the software’s many features. Personalize your on-screen planning space by adding frequently used functions to the quick access toolbar and configuring your design tools to suit the way you work.

2020 Fusion User-Friendly Interface
2020 Fusion Viewing Power

Ultimate Viewing Power

Impress your customers with photorealistic 3D presentations. Display several views simultaneously and work on more than one design at a time. Present designs on a separate customer-facing screen, including perspective view walkthroughs. Add or modify products within any view and see your changes automatically being made throughout the application.

Complete Tiling & Covering Tools

Embellish your designs with a wide variety of surfaces, including tiling, flooring, carpeting and wallpaper. Built-in tools let you apply custom patterns, place feature tiles and insert manufacturer-specified combinations. In addition, 2020 Fusion automatically validates your choices and calculates the amount of material you will need to cover each respective area.

2020 Fusion Tiling & Covering
2020 Fusion Panoramic Backgrounds

New Panoramic Backgrounds

Display panoramic (HDR) backgrounds in a range of image types and formats. Easily share new panoramic backgrounds that offer a true 3D representation of what can be seen through a window or aperture when the user changes the viewpoint in the design. As with standard backgrounds, designers can choose from a selection of panoramic backgrounds available in existing 2020 Fusion catalogues or import their own.

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Available Catalog Content

2020 maintains the largest list of kitchen and bathroom electronic manufacturer catalogs in the world, with several thousand well-known manufacturer catalogs in our database. Click here for a list of 2020 Fusion catalogs available in the UK.

Learn More about 2020 Fusion

2020 Fusion has been developed to specifically meet the needs of European designers who use stock products with a variety of defined styles and options.

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