2020 Giza

To keep up with the competition, you need the right tools to help you turn projects around faster and be as efficient as possible. 2020 Giza is an easy-to-use sales, design and specification tool for the do-it-all furniture professional who doesn’t require AutoCAD®. 2020 Giza helps office furniture professionals create appealing presentations, develop fast and detailed quotes, design simple and complex layouts and generate comprehensive bills of materials. 2020 Giza delivers all the functionality your business needs to win deals and keep clients happy.

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Close More Sales

Easily create winning, professional proposals including complete space plans and line-item estimates

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Quick Learning

Easily create accurate layouts in an intuitive space planning tool, that does not require AutoCAD®

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More Productivity

Boost productivity by handling more projects for more clients


Icon Menu

Select products from manufacturer-specific graphics on the icon menu for quick and intuitive use.

2020 Giza Image
2020 Giza Image

Design-assist Tools

Speed up the design process and increase project accuracy with advanced design automation tools.

Architectural Tools

Draw architectural features like walls, doors and windows without the need for a traditional CAD-based architectural tool.

2020 Giza Image
2020 Giza Image

Vignette Plot

Build professional presentations by creating single-page proposals with plan views, hidden line renderings and bills of materials.

Media Menu

Present and demonstrate company and product information with 3D renderings, animation and other custom content

2020 Giza Image

Catalog Content

2020 maintains the largest list of manufacturer catalogs in the world, with several thousand well-known manufacturer catalogs in our database. View a full list of 2020 Giza content catalogs. Support customers can download content on 2020.net.

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