2020 Live Suite

Imagine how efficient your organization could be without having to manually enter or reenter purchase orders. 2020 Live Suite is a secure web-based electronic order processing solution that allows dealers from the kitchen, bath, office and closet industries to submit orders to multiple manufacturers with just a few mouse clicks. Both dealers and manufacturers save time, eliminate human errors, and increase productivity. 2020 Live Suite is composed of two parts: 2020 Live Order and 2020 Live Linq.

2020 Live Order

2020 Design KIT files are delivered to manufacturers who use 2020 Insight or who use 2020 Live Linq combined with a traditional ERP system. In both scenarios, 2020 Live Order provides a single portal for communicating order status updates between dealers and manufacturers—from electronic POs automatically generated from 2020 Design KIT files, to order status updates from the manufacturer, to shipping and delivery. Both parties can attach detailed information, such as drawings and instructions, and engage in Live Chat with subscribing manufacturers.

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2020 Live Linq

2020 Live Linq provides a web-based solution for manufacturers using a traditional ERP for order management. 2020 Live Linq integrates with the manufacturer’s order processing system without the need for extensive custom programming, allowing them to receive orders and communicate with the dealer through 2020 Live Order.

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Web-based Solution

Avoid the need for version-specific client-side software

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Eliminate slow and error-prone communication by fax and paper

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Better Collaboration

Send item-level messages, attachments, and pricing on any PO


Operational Simplicity

2020 Live Suite makes life easier. Dealers click the Send button once and 2020 Live Suite generates all required purchase orders, and then automatically distributes them to the manufacturers involved in the design. Manufacturers receive validated orders and are easier to do business with. Dealers and manufacturers communicate through the easy-to-use and intuitive 2020 Live Suite dashboard.

2020 Live Suite
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Order Accuracy

With automatic order validation, manufacturers no longer have to manually reenter order information. Orders are seamlessly integrated without human error, reducing the cost per transaction. The system also eliminates incorrect product options, and provides consistent product nomenclature, pricing, and business rules. The ability to attach detailed information, such as drawings and instructions, further reduces the possibility of errors.

Real-time Communication

Take advantage of real-time information processing and delivery, from order capture to fulfillment. With 2020 Live Suite, questions can be asked and answered and orders can be tracked at every step of the order lifecycle, resulting in increased order accuracy, faster order processing times and greater customer satisfaction.

Real Time Communications


A side-by-side comparison demonstrates the benefits of integrating 2020 Live Order with 2020 Insight. Click the image to view larger.

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