2020 Virtual Planner

Consumers today have high expectations

They want to be able to interact with retailers in a fun and engaging way, for a complete shopping experience that goes beyond the brick and mortar store. 2020 Virtual Planner engages and inspires consumers with interactive tools that showcase products in the context of a consumer’s personal space. Consumers easily create designs online, from the comfort of their own homes, using your products and merchandise. They can then share designs with family and friends, collaborate online to generate even more excitement around renovation or new designs,
and follow-through on the final purchase.

Are you a small to medium-sized business?

Have a limited budget? Want a scalable solution that grows with you? 2020 offers pre-packaged, scalable, easy-to-deploy solutions tailored to businesses that have tight budgets and limited staff.

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Convert Browsers into Buyers

Fun and easy space planning tool that engages and helps turn visitors into buyers

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Add Value to Your Brand

Customizable user interface to reflect your visual brand identity

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Real Time Shopping Behavior

Key analytics help you merchandise, plan and sell better


Interactive Shopping Experience

2020 Virtual Planner is sophisticated enough for creating beautiful looking rooms, and yet simple enough for a typical shopper to use. Consumers can easily create designs online with their own room specifications from anywhere with web access using retailers’ and manufacturers’ actual products and merchandise. Lifelike rendering technology creates a realistic picture of a room in just seconds and they can then share designs with family and friends using email or social networks to get even more ideas and feedback which helps them move to a purchasing decision in less time.

2020 Virtual Planner
2020 Virtual Planner

Integrated with your business

2020 Virtual Planner adapts to the way you work. Seamless integration into your sales process allows customers to go easily from design to purchase. The user interface and workflow is fully configurable and integrates seamlessly into your website and other business systems using a web services based architecture. Web services integration makes it easier to ensure that product, pricing, and availability information are always up to date so that your customers can be sure that they can order and buy what they’ve designed at a price they’ve already budgeted for.

Online Sales and Marketing

With 2020 Virtual Planner you can design and display ads or information based on what items consumers are looking at or interacting with, and display key product details interactively as consumers browse. Take advantage of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities as consumers create their designs. Promote products with important information such as warranty, user manuals, energy ratings and more.

2020 Virtual Planner

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