Ewald Schillig CombiPlus Furniture

German Furniture Manufacturers to Implement 2020 Insight

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Ewald Schillig CombiPlus Furniture

CombiPlus – The revolutionary furniture system of Ewald Schillig.

Ewald Schillig, an upholstery furniture specialist, and Machalke Polsterwerkstätten, a custom order quality furniture provided, have selected 2020 solutions to complement and streamline their manufacturing operations.

For the owner led company Ewald Schillig from Oberfranken, which, in its own words, is dedicated to excellent production quality and outstanding design, the most important reason for choosing 2020 manufacturing solutions was their vast know-how of the industry. Schillig CEO, Carsten Henning, stated, “The complex production processes in the upholstery manufacturing requires a high industry expertise from the software provider to ensure that our processes are displayed correctly and in an efficient way. 2020 convinced us not only that 2020 Insight shows that it’s created for meeting the needs of the furniture industry, but also their employees’ knowledge and experience of this industry is impressive.” Apart from optimizing the current processes the implementation of 2020 Insight is intended to support the Schillig´s pending expansion to foreign countries.

Right from the beginning, Machalke Polsterwerkstätten has been known for the extremely high standards of quality it sets for its own products. As a manufacturer of quality furniture “made in Germany since 1976”, Machalke redefines the industry’s standards all the time. With approximately 40 users, Machalke Polsterwerkstätten will also benefit from 2020 manufacturing operations management solutions. The Prevent group, who owned the company recently, has selected 2020 as a strategic partner in their furniture segment and has already initiated the implementation of 2020 Insight.

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Welcome to 2020 Cloud

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2020_Cloud 72020 is delighted to announce that 2020 Cloud is now available to all 2020 Design and 2020 Fusion customers. 2020 Cloud introduces an exciting new way to efficiently and intuitively access the latest manufacturers’ catalogs to browse and add products in 2020 solutions.

2020 Cloud is the culmination of many man-years of research and development and is a significant investment by 2020 – but this is only just the beginning. Over the coming months, 2020 will introduce even more functionality and catalog content to 2020 Cloud.

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What Is 2020 Cloud?

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2020 Cloud makes finding manufacturers’ products to add to your designs easier and quicker than ever before. All catalogs in 2020 Cloud are streamed live and direct to your 2020 solution, meaning they are available to you the moment they are published.

You can be confident that all available content is fully validated and certified for quality. 2020 Cloud initially operates for non-configurable catalog products, but we will rapidly introduce more and more product types in future releases.

Stay tuned for more details of this exciting new offering!

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New GE Appliances Catalog Available on 2020 Cloud

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GE_Render for Inspiration Kit_Jan_2015_448x249Great news! Now you can browse the GE Appliances Catalog using 2020 Cloud. 2020 customers based in the USA can now add GE appliances to their 2020 Design software. The GE Appliances Catalog includes a variety of over 700 products, allowing designers to choose exactly the products they need.

2020 Cloud also provides a link from each GE product directly to a full overview of that product on the GE Appliances website, where you can be provided with everything you need to know.

GE logoLet us know what you think – share your thoughts on using the 2020 Cloud GE Appliances catalog, and review the thoughts of other customers, in the 2020 Community.

You can view the entire collection of GE Appliances online.



New Rangemaster Catalog Now Available on 2020 Cloud

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The world’s oldest cooker manufacturer, Rangemaster, now has their products available on the very latest solution from 2020. 2020 Cloud customers based in the UK can now add the huge selection of Rangemaster Cookers to their 2020 Fusion designs.

Rangemaster Elise in Cherry Red

Rangemaster Elise in Cherry Red


The Rangemaster catalog includes a variety of over 500 products, allowing designers to choose exactly the products they need. 2020 Cloud also provides a link from each Rangemaster product directly to all the information for that product on the Rangemaster Cooker website.


Please be sure to share your thoughts on using the 2020 Cloud Rangemaster catalog, and review the thoughts of other customers, in the 2020 Community.
View the entire collection of Rangemaster Range Cookers on their website.


Daval Optimizes Manufacturing Operations with 2020 Solutions

Daval Optimizes Manufacturing Operations with 2020 Solutions

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Daval Optimizes Manufacturing Operations with 2020 Solutions

2020 is pleased to announced that Daval, a British family business with a passion and heritage in the design and manufacture of fitted furniture, has invested in 2020 solutions to add flexibility and automation to their business processes, from design to sales order to engineering through production to delivery.

Based in, Huddersfield, West Yorshire, UK, Daval prides itself on providing individualized furnishings to meet the size, space and personality of the homeowner. In order to achieve this level of service, a very high-level of communication and configuration is required within their production facilities. The partnership with 2020 delivers end-to-end solutions which includes 2020 Fusion, the most popular computer-aided design (CAD) software in the European market for interior design, and 2020 Insight, a complete manufacturing operations management (MOM) solution for furniture, cabinet and wood product manufacturers. 2020 solutions will help Daval communicate with dealers, increase responsiveness and reduce lead times.

“With 2020 solutions, we can take our operations to a new level by connecting all the stages of creation from planning to engineering to production,” stated Simon Bodsworth, Managing Director, Daval. “Working from a seamless platform will enable us to increase flexibility and agility whilst eliminating unnecessary tasks and reducing the risk of error.”

As Daval is planning to invest in new production machinery, the timing is right to upgrade their technology to improve the quality and flexibility for their production. With the implementation of 2020 Fusion and 2020 Insight, Daval is providing their dealers the possibility to enhance their ability to offer individualized designs and increase the speed with which quality furniture can be delivered without errors.

“At 2020, we are very familiar with the furniture manufacturing process and have developed our solutions specifically for this market,” stated Joerg Brauns, General Manager – Manufacturing Line of Business at 2020. “Our solutions are designed to work with the company’s existing processes to provide the agility needed to succeed in a constantly changing marketplace. Daval has a strong process in place and I am confident 2020 can help them to achieve their goals.”

For more information visit: www.2020spaces.com/2020Insight

About Daval

Founded in 1978 Daval remains quintessentially, a British family business with a passion and heritage in the design and manufacture of fitted furniture. Designed and manufactured in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire by our specialist craftspeople in our 100,000 sq ft facility, each piece of furniture we produce is functional, attractive and makes an enviable statement in any home, blending seamlessly into your living space. For more information, visit www.daval-furniture.co.uk.

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Which Manufacturer’s Catalog would you like to see in 2020 Cloud?

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Logo_2020CloudBeta_150dpi2020 is working to continuously increase the number of catalogs available to our customers via 2020 Cloud. As a 2020 Cloud user, we would appreciate your input in deciding which manufacturers’ catalogs we prioritise within this process.

The 2020 Cloud solution currently supports catalogs with products that use a single non-configurable 3D model; however, we welcome requests regarding any catalog.

Log in to the community forum and locate the Manufacturer’s Catalog Suggestions post at the top of the forum. Let us know what you want & why you’d like it.

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New Whirlpool Catalog Available on 2020 Cloud

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Instantly add Whirlpool kitchen products to your designs using 2020 Cloud. All USA customers of 2020 Cloud can now add Whirlpool appliances directly to their 2020 Design projects.

The Whirlpool catalog includes a huge selection of products including ranges, cooktops, ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers, allowing designers to choose exactly the product they’re looking for.

Full details on every Whirlpool product can quickly and easily be found on the Whirlpool website using the ‘More Information’ links provided against each product in 2020 Cloud.

Please be sure to share your thoughts on using the 2020 Cloud Whirlpool catalog, and review the thoughts of other customers, in the 2020 Community.


View the entire collection of Whirlpool products online.